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Wilmington Cars & Coffee and CFMC Quarterly Meeting Recap

We enjoyed a beautiful day outside surrounded by a large assortment of beautiful cars. Many sports cars including some Lotus’s, older muscle cars, and the usual Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs were there. Not to forget the $260k Lamborghini. We had 16 members in attendance with 10 club members’ Miatas and there may have been a few more there too. After chatting it up in the parking lot we […]

Enchanted Airlie and Kitchen Restaurant Recap

We had a nice time Then we joined another eight, if I with friends during our garden visit and meal following. Airlie was decorated very nicely with lights and interesting props. We enjoyed a nice walk with a slight mist that really put us in the winter holiday spirit. remember right, at the Kitchen Restaurant for a great meal and time to socialize. We just hate to miss an event.

La Belle Amie Vineyard

We Joined the Grand Strand Miata Club at La Belle Amie Vineyard We met some of the Grand Strand Miata Club members at the SC Welcome Center and had a short cruise to La Belle Amie Vineyard. La Belle Amie was having their First Blush of Summer Music Festival. We spent a relaxing day in […]