Great Day at the Car Show

The Battleship North Carolina as a back drop and the British Motor Car Club of Cape Fear as hosts combined to make it a great day for our club and for all who attended and participated.
Under the spreading tree the our might Cape Fear Miata Club sat comfortable and cool. We were shaded from from the sun by its spreading gnarled branches and sparse smattering of leaves.
The mighty battleship North Carolina on one side and the Cape Fear River with Wilmington’s waterfront on the other side provided picturesque picture frames for the show.
Our Madzas joined a gaggle of British Sports Cars of all nameplates and years. Also, the show included some classic Detroit iron. What better way to show our Zoom, Zoom than to have a line of Madzas and enjoy the company of fellow members. A BIG thank you to the British Motor Car Club of Cape Fear for inviting us to their 20th anniversary show. All that participated received a nice gift bag that included a small dash plaque for participation in the show.

Class ” Z” CFMC Winners were:

1st Place Don Wahl 2008 Miata – True Red
2nd Place Tom West 1990 Miata – Red
3rd Place Ron Carmichael 2015 MX-5 25th Anniversary Ed.


Car Show Plaque

President’s Message – June 2018

Are you ready for summer? It’s June and it will soon be here. It is the time of the year we enjoy visiting family and friends who like us, enjoy our coastal lifestyle. We are truly fortunate! We had a wonderful time at the Brits at the Battleship event on May 5 where nine Miatas were on display along with dozens of our British car cousins. Congratulations to our Miata category winners!
My thanks to Tom and Nancy Pane for being our hosts and to John and Trudy Williamson, co-chairs of this year? s Brits at the Battleship event, for including our Club. The show brought back many fond memories of my days with my MGB and my Triumph TR6. It was the fun, and challenges, of driving those roadsters that made my decision to become a Miata owner easy.
This year’s Brits at the Battleship show also highlighted how a common interest can bring a group of people together to form the British Motor Club of Cape Fear or the Cape Fear Miata Club. As a ten-year member of the CFMC, I can attest that for me, what started as a club of like-minded car enthusiasts has evolved into many new and lasting friendships. Our Miatas bring us together, but it is the fun, friendship and fellowship that we share that keeps us together.
The CFMC’ s primary method of maintaining our fun, friendship and fellowship among our members is our monthly events. We all enjoy doing fun things with the people we like to be around. Our monthly events are the lifeblood of our Club and, we depend on hosts to select and coordinate our activities. Events can be simple, or on occasion, more elaborate.
Our June CFMC event is a unique opportunity for our newer members to find out how simple hosting an event can be. Ken and Gina Schiess have graciously opened their home for our “Saturday Sipper” event on June 9. Details are included in this month’ s Ragtop Tales.
I encourage our newer members to RSVP to Ken and Gina and attend this informative event. It is designed to share information on the what, where and how of hosting a CFMC activity. Let’ s keep finding new ways of having fun together. I hope to see you there. Zoom Zoom.

Ron Carmichael

Secretary’s Column – January 2018

CFMC membership dues ($25.00) for 2018 were officially due by January 1, 2018. However, for the procrastinators in our Club, we are extending the payment deadline to January 30th. Checks received by January 30th will be kept on the CFMC roster with all the benefits that go with it. Please mail your check payable to the Cape Fear Miata Club, C/O Mary Sue Wahl, CFMC Treasurer, 546 S. Middleton Drive NW, Calabash, NC 28467.

Please note that if you are attending Tech Day dues must be paid prior to this event.

Tom Pane

Festival of Lights Christmas Parade

Twas’ twenty-four days before Christmas and not a Miata could be heard… when out on the road top there suddenly appeared 12 tiny Miata’s and Santa too? The twelve Miata’s all lined up in front of our house just waiting to be decorated for the Carolina Beach Festival of Lights Holiday Parade.

The lights and decorations were applied with glee as we prepared for a wonderful festive night. But before all that happened we had to eat. All enjoyed a wonderful buffet, from Thyme Savor Cafe. In addition there were many sweets, pies and cookies that were provided by our Miata guests. After our tummies were filled we departed for the parade in our brightly newly decorated Miata’s.

Off, off we drove, the Pane’s, the Judson’s, and Schiess’, all lined up. Off the Hsu’s, the Harris’s and the Wahl’s then more Miata’s joined including the Reinmann’s, Hagerman’s, and Trogdon’s. And how could we forget Frank Pain and his new co-pilot.

With all of our Miata’s in line lead by your hosts in their green Miata with Rudolf’s red nose.

We went off on our way over the Snow’s Cut bridge, and then right onto Dowe Road, for a long dark journey that ended at the staging area for the parade.

After a long wait for some, the word was given and two by two all the Christmas Miata’s joined the parade and proceeded down the boulevard to the delight of the many spectators lining the streets. Candy was handed out to the many children enjoying the parade. Our car horns were sounding a familiar beep, beep and the crowd, responded with cheer.

When our participation in the parade ended some headed for home while others returned to our home to finish off the sweets and have some hot chocolate or coffee.

A great time was had by all and we wish all our Miata friends a very, very Merry Christmas.

Many thanks to our hosts Ken & Pat Badoian!

Secretary’s Column – December 2017

Clearing off my desk I find that there are a few items of importance that will require some action by the Club before the end of the year. There are elections coming in January at the Annual General Meeting and Holiday Party to be held on January 6th. The nominating committee has announced a slate of officers and chairs to be voted on at the upcoming January meeting. Members of the nominating committee are:

John Harris, Chair
David Moyer
Trudy Williamson

They have placed in nomination the following members for the positions indicated.

Ron Carmichael – President

Rick Judson – Vice President

Tom Pane – Secretary

Mary Sue Wahl – Treasurer

Paul Reinmann – Activities Chair

Trudy Williamson – Membership Chair

Ken Badoian – Ragtop Tales Chair (editor). This is a new position formerly under the Secretary.

Other nominations for the above positions may be submitted to the nominating committee on or before the Annual General Meeting.

Members attending the Annual General Meeting will also vote on changes to the Club By-laws. Those proposed changes are as shown in the November issue of the RTT under the minutes of the Quarterly General Meeting held in October.

“The President has proposed that term limits be examined for members of The Board. This would require a change in the By-Laws. Tom Pane recommend that term limits also apply to all Committee Chairs, i.e. Activities Committee Chair and Membership Chair. Ken’s proposal is to have two year terms with the option of an additional one or two year extension. The position of President and Secretary would not be voted on in the same year. This would also apply to the Vice President and Treasurer. “

An Executive Committee meeting to formalize the changes in the By-laws was first proposed for November, but now will be held at a time and date in December yet to be confirmed.

The other change in the By-laws concerns the new chair position for the RTT newsletter editor. Currently the RTT editor position falls under the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary.

Purple Feet Festival

CFMC President’s Message – December 2017

Hi All,

November was a great month for the club. We saw the addition of a number of new members and two events, the monthly social at Bitty & Beau’s and the Purple Feet Festival at the Silver Coast Winery (hosted by Bill Bertrand and Jo-Ann Craig) where our own Judy Carmichael won a first prize in the Lucille Ball “Lucy” look-alike contest. Deb Perham came in a close second so CFMC basically swept the contest. Congratulations to our creative members. Thanks to both, their costumes made the day even more fun for all of us. More coverage with pictures later in the Rag Top Tales is assured.

Thanksgiving was a time for all of us to spend with family and friends, remembering those who have served this country to allow us to celebrate this occasion enjoying the abundance of our great land and time to honor those who are not able to be home while they assure us of safety.  We thank them for their sacrifice.

I am looking forward to December. It starts off with the Carolina Beach Christmas Parade. We are hosted by Ken and Patty Badoian. Following that will be the Carolina Opry Christmas Show hosted by Don & Mary Sue Wahl.  I look forward to seeing many of you for one or both of those events.

Christmas will soon be upon us and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The annual General Membership Meeting/Holiday Party will be January 6th details later in Rag Top Tales. This is the most important meeting of the year as it involves the election of officers to lead the club for the next year(s). I hope that all the members will make the effort to attend and plan to be fully involved in the coming year. The Club is great but only because of you, the members. It is your involvement, your support and your willingness to participate. I look forward to next year being even greater than this year was.

I wish you a very happy and safe holiday,

Ken Schiess,

CFMC Activities Report by Ron Carmichael

We are nearing the end of another great year of CFMC events. I would like to thank all of the members who have hosted events as well as those members who have participated in them. Now it is time to begin to plan for our 2018 activities. Please consider hosting an event in the coming year. If you are willing to host, please let me know so we can get a placeholder on our CFMC calendar. As details are developed, please send a write up with preliminary information on date, location and planned activities to Ron at Please send your final write up early enough so we can include it in the Activities Calendar in the Ragtop Tales at least two months before the planned event.

Current events are located elsewhere on the website.

As always, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the CFMC members who have stepped forward and hosted events in 2017. It is your commitment to our Club in supporting these events that make our CFMC successful and appealing to our members. Keep up the great work!

CFMC President’s Message – November 2017

Hi All,
This is the November edition of the Rag Top Tales and my 11th letter this year. I am really pleased to have had the privilege to be your president for the past nearly three years (January 2015). The club has had a good run and a lot of it comes from the efforts of the leadership team that I had the joy to work with.

Ok, so moving along we have had a lot of new members this year to whom I wish a warm welcome. The Club, as I understand the numbers is now at 37 cars, having grown slightly (net 6 members) since December 2014 when we numbered 31 cars. There have been a lot of new faces, but many have sold/traded their Miata’s and some just didn’t find us a good fit. God Bless them all.

Editor’s note: There are now 38 Miata’s in the Club. This is a net gain of 7 members since 2014.

We are today stronger and more vibrant than ever and that is because of the willingness of new members to step up and host events and participate in the events hosted by others. That leads me to comment that the biggest event of the year was this month’s trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Attendance was great with 15 Miata’s represented (Ok, so one SUV stood in for a Miata). I think that is the best attendance we
have had in my memory (someone please correct me if I misspeak). I wish to thank our hosts, Ron & Judy Carmichael, and to the members who took the time to participate in this event. It was a commitment of time (and cash) to attend but, speaking for Gina and myself, well worth it. I’m certain that Ron & Judy appreciated the support. I won’t get into the weeds here because I’m sure that the following pages will be filled with a chronology of the trip and many, many pictures.

I am looking forward to upcoming events which are listed in the Upcoming Events section of this Rag Top Tales and on our website. I am looking forward to seeing you there and, as always, enjoying your company.
Just as a reminder, we need volunteers to fill upcoming vacancies in the leadership team. If you have any interest please contact one of the nominating committee, a list of whom will appear further back in the Rag Top Tales. Elections take place at the next (January 2018) quarterly general membership meeting (and Holiday celebration!!).

As the leaves fall remember to be careful, wet leaves are as slick as ice.

Be well, stay safe, drive carefully,
Ken Schiess

Secretary’s Column

2018 will be the 25th Anniversary of the Cape Fear Miata Club. We need to start thinking of what we can do to recognize our Club’s grand accomplishment. Your ideas/comments are welcomed. Paul Reinmann has already offered some suggestions via an e-mail he sent me which I will put forward at the next Quarterly General Membership Meeting.

In 2017 to-date we have gained 16 new memberships (29 members). See the list of new members under the New Members Column. I believe the credit for the gain in new memberships can be attributed to the success of the Coffee Socials held on the first Saturday of the month at Bitty & Beau’s. In 2016 prior to the Coffee Socials I believe we gained only two new memberships.

Thank you Rick and Judy Judson for bringing this suggestion to the Executive Board to have a Coffee Social each month to help raise awareness of what the CFMC has to offer for the southeastern Carolina Miata community. Bravo!

Submitted by Tom Pane