President’s Message – November 2018

As I write this, fall is finally making its appearance. Although summer is nice, it seemed as though it didn’t want to leave! The crisp, cool mornings are a welcome respite from the lingering humidity we experienced in
September and most of October. We started October off with a fun trip to the Highland Games in Laurinburg and a relaxing dinner at the Chef and the Frog restaurant in Whiteville. We had 19 CFMC members for the Games and 20 members join us for dinner. The Games had musical entertainment by a number of “piper” bands along with the traditional Scottish games. The rain held off but the cloudy days kept the temperatures comfortable.

As I mentioned in last month’s column, our quarterly meeting, normally held in October, was postponed due to the
impacts of Hurricane Florence and the availability of suitable meeting venues. As noted in the RTT Extra of October 22, we will have our quarterly meeting on Saturday November 10 at Carrabbas Italian Grill in Wilmington. We will assemble at Carrabbas at 11:00 AM, followed by our meeting and lunch. I encourage all CFMC members to attend this meeting to find out about upcoming events and activities of your Club. A meeting agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting.

In last month’s column, I mentioned the great trip to Bird Island hosted by Bill and Marty Fay on September 8. One aspect of that trip was the round trip taxi ride from the Sunset Beach pier to Bird Island. Unknown at the time, Bill and Marty paid for the taxi service for all attendees. Bill and Marty were willing to cover the cost themselves. But after much pressure from me and a lot of reluctance and resistance from Bill, I found out that the cost of the taxi
service was approximately $5 per person. So if you attended the Bird Island outing and you’re so inclined, let’s reimburse Bill and Marty for the taxi portion of what was an outstanding outing.

I hope to see everyone at our quarterly meeting on November 10. And, we are looking for an event and host for December.

Zoom zoom!

Ron Carmichael, President

President’s Message – September 2018

With the approach of Labor Day, we realize that the waning days of summer
are here. But for those of us familiar with the significance of the
June- November period in this area, we realize that we are in the midst of our
most active time for the potential for hazardous weather. Now is the time for
all of us to make sure that our hurricane preparedness plans are complete
and in place; just in case. We don’t have to cringe in fear, but we do need to
be aware, vigilant and prepared. At the same time, we begin to anticipate the
crisp fall mornings that lie ahead; a perfect time for enjoying top- down
weather in our Miatas. And we have upcoming CFMC events that will allow
us to do just that, including a much anticipated trip this month to the Bird
Island Preserve, October’s trip to the Highland Games in Laurinburg, a
possible CFMC rally-type event in November and our annual holiday party.
Specifics on the upcoming trips to the Bird Island Preserve and the Highland
games are included in this issue of the Ragtop Tales. Early indications are
that we will have great participation in these events. We continue to grow
our club with addition of new members. Please make sure that you welcome
our new members and I encourage you to share ideas and information about
what makes our club great; our members and the fun, friendship and
fellowship that we enjoy. I hope everyone makes the most of the remaining
days of summer, and that you take advantage of the opportunities to enjoy
the many fall events and festivals that our beautiful area has to offer.


Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – August 2018

We’ve reached the peak of summer and we’re beginning to think about the rapidly approaching dog days of August. On Saturday July 21, we had a we ll-attended quarterly meeting. Over two dozen CFMC members were present including two of our newest. Our thanks go to Patty and Ken Badoian who were our hosts and arranged for a wonderful lunch in a spacious and relaxing venue for our meeting.

In addition to the traditional “boiler plate” agenda items, we discussed upcoming events including: a trip to Lake Waccamaw for an August rodeo hosted by Rick and Judy Judson, our September outing to Bird Island preserve hosted by Martha and Bill Fay and our October 6 trip to Laurinburg, NC for the Highland Games, hosted by Judy and Ron Carmichael. As a part of the trip to the Highland Games, we are considering dinner at the Chef and the Frog restaurant in Whiteville, which was featured in the August issue of Our State magazine.
We need a minimum number for dinner in order to reserve a private room so a blast email was sent out on July 24 soliciting RSVPs by potential attendees for the October outing so we can determine if arrangements can be made with the restaurant for dinner. In the fall, Patty and Ken Badoian are considering a November CFMC event involving a car rally/run format. However additional volunteers are needed to make this trip a reality. Please contact Ken if you’re willing to help with this event.

At the meeting, Paul Reinmann, Rick Judson, and Leon Rooks reported on their committee’s efforts in the search for a venue for our annual holiday party. Paul reported that after much research and consideration, their recommendation was the Circa 1922 restaurant in Wilmington. This recommendation was approved by the membership. Leon Rooks volunteered to take the lead on coordinating this year’s event. My thanks go to Paul, Rick, and Leon for their hard work in finding, evaluating, and recommending suitable locations for our rapidly growing club.

As we celebrate the arrival of new CFMC members, we also are sad to report that Cathy and Tim Tarlton, long time active members and supporters of our club, will be re locating from Leland to Banner Elk, NC. In October 2016, Cathy and Tim hosted an outstanding multi-day CFMC outing to the Woolly Worm festival in Banner Elk. Their warmth, generosity and friendliness exemplify what being a CFMC member is all about. We wish Cathy and Tim and their family our best wishes as they make this move and we thank them for their many years of support of our club. We hope to see them on our next CFMC trip to Banner Elk!

Enjoy the waning summer weeks, and please plan to participate in the great events we have planned for the remainder of 2018. Zoom-zoom!

Ron Carmichael


President’s Message – July 2018

We’ re half way! Through 2018 that is, as hard as it is to believe. While this year is flying by, the CFMC continues to plan for interesting and fun events for the remaining six months of the year. Our thanks go to Gina and Ken Schiess for hosting our “Sippin Saturday” event on June 8 and providing us with warm hospitality and delicious desserts! Even though we didn’t have the numbers of new members attend that we’d hoped for, our discussions centered on how to encourage involvement by all members in our club’s activities. As I’ve said before, events and activities are the lifeblood of the CFMC. We need members to be actively involved in order to make these club events possible. Activities are not limited to hosting trips. We can always use members’ help in many club functions such as maintaining our website, contributing articles for the monthly Ragtop Tales, helping to coordinate special events such as our upcoming holiday party and volunteers to perform outreach to some of our less active members to encourage their participation and involvement. Our more “experienced” members are willing to mentor newer members on how to become involved in club events and activities. The bottom line is that our membership includes a wide range of talents and experience that could be very useful to our CFMC.

Our upcoming quarterly business meeting on July 21 will be hosted by Patty and Ken Badoian. Please see the details in this month’s Ragtop Tales. This meeting is an important opportunity to engage in discussions about participation and involvement in CFMC efforts. A blast email will distribute the agenda about a week prior to the meeting. Finally, I’d like to wish all of our CFMC members and their families a safe and happy July 4th as we celebrate our Nation’s birthday and the many freedoms we have in the USA! Please remember the men and women, and their families, whom have made the sacrifices to make our freedoms possible. Thanks and I hope to see everyone on July 21.

Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – June 2018

Are you ready for summer? It’s June and it will soon be here. It is the time of the year we enjoy visiting family and friends who like us, enjoy our coastal lifestyle. We are truly fortunate! We had a wonderful time at the Brits at the Battleship event on May 5 where nine Miatas were on display along with dozens of our British car cousins. Congratulations to our Miata category winners!
My thanks to Tom and Nancy Pane for being our hosts and to John and Trudy Williamson, co-chairs of this year? s Brits at the Battleship event, for including our Club. The show brought back many fond memories of my days with my MGB and my Triumph TR6. It was the fun, and challenges, of driving those roadsters that made my decision to become a Miata owner easy.
This year’s Brits at the Battleship show also highlighted how a common interest can bring a group of people together to form the British Motor Club of Cape Fear or the Cape Fear Miata Club. As a ten-year member of the CFMC, I can attest that for me, what started as a club of like-minded car enthusiasts has evolved into many new and lasting friendships. Our Miatas bring us together, but it is the fun, friendship and fellowship that we share that keeps us together.
The CFMC’ s primary method of maintaining our fun, friendship and fellowship among our members is our monthly events. We all enjoy doing fun things with the people we like to be around. Our monthly events are the lifeblood of our Club and, we depend on hosts to select and coordinate our activities. Events can be simple, or on occasion, more elaborate.
Our June CFMC event is a unique opportunity for our newer members to find out how simple hosting an event can be. Ken and Gina Schiess have graciously opened their home for our “Saturday Sipper” event on June 9. Details are included in this month’ s Ragtop Tales.
I encourage our newer members to RSVP to Ken and Gina and attend this informative event. It is designed to share information on the what, where and how of hosting a CFMC activity. Let’ s keep finding new ways of having fun together. I hope to see you there. Zoom Zoom.

Ron Carmichael

President’s Mesage – May 2018

Is it or isn? t it Spring? Mother Nature still seems to be undecided. Nevertheless, CFMC members gathered at the Brunswick Nature Park on Saturday April 21 for our quarterly meeting.
After departing our rendezvous location and traveling to the park, we decided to kick off the beautiful spring day with a 1 ¾ mile walk along Town Creek. After our invigorating awakening with nature, we settled into the park? s comfortable pavilion for our meeting.
The agenda and discussion items were sent to members by Secretary Tom Pane? s email on April 16. Minutes reflecting the meeting? s actions and discussions will be provided to everyone.
However, there are two items that were discussed that I? d like to call to your attention. Both relate to CFMC activities. First, in response to member suggestions, we are looking for alternative venues for our annual meeting and holiday party. Due to the increasing size of our club, larger facilities are needed.
Members Rick Judson, Leon Rooks and Paul Reinmann will solicit ideas and potential venues from members and make a recommendation to the club membership. Additional details on the process will be forthcoming. Second, our June 2018 club event will focus on the what, where and how of planning and hosting a CFMC activity or outing.
This unique June event will address a topic that will be especially helpful to new members interested in hosting a CFMC event or outing but aren’t sure what is involved or how it is done. Our June activity will answer these questions.
Look for specifics in upcoming editions of the Ragtop Tales. As I’ve mentioned previously, our members’ commitment to participating and hosting enjoyable and interesting events is crucial to our Club? s continuing existence and success.
Although it is our little roadsters that bring us together, it is the fun, friendship, and comradeship, we enjoy, as CFMC members that keep us together. Only our members can make that happen.
I hope to see everyone at the Brits at the Battleship event on May 5 when we showcase our Miatas and celebrate our British heritage. Zoom Zoom!
Ron Carmichael, President

President’s Message – April 2018

Spring has finally arrived! After a warm and beautiful February, we were shocked back into reality by a wintry March. But as eagerly anticipated, top down weather lies just ahead. March was another busy month for the CFMC. In addition to our monthly gathering at Bitty and Beaus, on March 17 we had 14 members participate in a visit to the Carolina Farm Days Festival at Lake Waccamaw and lunch. Thanks to Trudy and John Williamson for hosting this fun activity.
On March 24, several CFMC members participated in an un-official, impromptu visit to the Blue, Brew and BBQ Bluegrass Festival at the Duplin County Events Center in Kenansville, NC. We enjoyed a great day of bluegrass music, barbeque, and local winery and brewery products.
On April 21, we will have our first 2018 quarterly business meeting at the Brunswick Nature Park South of Leland, NC

We have many other great activities planned for the remainder of 2018 including the CFMC’s participation in the British Motor Club of the Cape Fear “Brits at the Battleship” car show on May 5. Check the club calendar and activities section of the Ragtop Tales for more details.

Fun, friendship and fellowship are the hallmarks of the CFMC. These are accomplished through the commitment of all of our members by hosting, supporting and participating in club activities.

I truly appreciate the work that our members contribute to make our club successful. Let’s continue the momentum we have and make 2018, our 25th year, one of the best and most enjoyable ever!

Enjoying our Miatas on a beautiful day allows our worries and cares to float away! Zoom-zoom!

Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – March 2018

After a frigid January start, we have enjoyed unusually mild weather lately. The warmth makes us yearn for those top-down days of spring and the CFMC activities which are right around the corner.
I want to thank Elton and Tammy Ellison for hosting our February 10 event to the NC aquarium at Ft. Fisher and the wonderful lunch and tour of Southport. Over 30 club members participated in this outing.
In addition, the Tech Day on February 24 attracted the largest participation ever. Our thanks go to Paul Reinmann for arranging the event and for bringing the pizza!
These levels of participation indicate the commitment of our members to supporting our CFMC. If we continue to focus on activities and events that are fun and enjoyable, our club will continue to thrive and flourish. The key is member commitment, through hosting and participating in CFMC activities. Remember, this is your club and your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are encouraged and solicited by voicing them to the CFMC officers and committee chairs.
The Executive Committee (officers and Committee Chairs) also met on February 10. Minutes of that meeting are included in this month’s Ragtop Tales. Dates for
our 2018 Quarterly Business meetings have been established for April, July and October. Please see the activities column for specifics. I look forward to seeing you at our next CFMC outing. Zoom Zoom!

Ron Carmichael

President’s Message – February 2018

Hello Members,

Happy 2018 to everyone! I would like to begin this year by thanking the CFMC members for their vote of confidence. As your new President it will be my privilege to work to guide and direct our Club.

We started off the New Year with a great Holiday Dinner and Annual Meeting at the Osteria Cicchetti restaurant in Wilmington. The usual CFMC staples of good food, great friends, and a festive time was enjoyed in abundance. Our thanks to Judy and Rick Judson for arranging this event.

There will be many exciting activities scheduled for this year.

In February a visit and tour to the Fort Fisher Aquarium that will include a ferry trip to Southport for lunch. Also this month our annual Tech Day at Stevenson Mazda.

In March, on St. Patrick’s day, a road trip into the past as we journey to The Farm Days Festival at Lake Waccamaw then Dinner in Whiteville.

More information about the proposed trip to Myrtle Beach in April and the Club’s participation in the British Motor Car Club car show at the Battleship in May will be published next month.

Future fun events and activities will be on-tap for the balance of the year. The RTT will keep members informed.

At the start of this year I looked back and reflect on how far the Club has come and ask myself what will be important for our continued success and how I assist in the this endeavor.

Our outgoing officers and committee chairs have been instrumental as they lead and guided us in our journey. I want to thank our “retiring” officers and committee chairs: Ken (and Gina) Schiess, President, Dave Tousignant, membership chair, and Tom Pane, our Secretary and Ragtop Tales publisher, for their many years of leadership and commitment to our Club.

I look forward to work with the new and returning officers and committee chairs; Rick Judson, Vice President, Mary Sue Wahl, Treasurer and Tom Pane, who will continue as Secretary. Also, a welcome to the new RTT editor, Ken Badoian, and to the new Membership chair, Trudy Williamson.

As we we work together, elected officers and club members, we will continue to build on the hallmarks of CFMC fun and friendship.

This interest and participation in activities has fueled our growth since the start in 1993. For Twenty Five years the club has provided members with an unique opportunity to meet other Miata owners and their co-pilots, cultivate new friendships, and enjoy many varied activities throughout our area. I feel we are an outstanding group of individuals with a common bond of Miata ownership that ties us together.

It is that comradery, fun, and friendship that will allow Cape Fear Miata Club to grow. So let’s buckle up and enjoy a great ride for 2018!

Ron Carmichael, President

President’s Message – January 2018

Hi All,
Well, it is December 2017 and this is likely my 36th monthly President’s letter. It is also my last for the foreseeable future. In January, at the annual General Membership meeting we will elect new officers and I will be stepping down as the leader of this wonderful club. It has been a wonderful experience. I have made many friends whom I fully intend to keep going forward. Gina and I will be as active as ever, participating in the many events to come.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Executive Board Team (Rick Judson, Tom Pane, Mary Sue Wahl, Ron Carmichael and Dave Tousignant). They have been great to work with and very supportive. Without these folks, we could not have grown to 45 cars this year, and if we did we could not have managed it. So, thank you team!

Change is always unsettling but I’m confident the nominating committee has put together a strong slate and that the Club will get better and better in the days, months and years to come.
December was a busy month, Christmas aside. The Club participated in the Carolina Beach
Christmas parade and enjoyed a trip to the Carolina Opry for the Christmas show and a short stop at St. Nick’s Knacks then on to dinner at the Parson’s Table in Little River, SC. (Thanks to our hosts; Ken& Patty Badoian and Mary Sue & Don Wahl) and that was all before the 10th of the month.
January will be just as busy with the Annual Meeting / Holiday Party, and Tech Day at Stevenson Mazda.
The Annual Meeting and Holiday Party will include a Yankee Swap Gift Exchange, Election of officers and other ‘business’ stuff) followed by dinner at the Osteria Chiccetti in Monkey Junction. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there. It has been a lot of fun for the past four years that I’ve been in the club and I expect that it only gets better.

Year end is a time for reflection and as I reflect on the Cape Fear Miata Club, it has been a great year. Thanks to all of you for hosting and participating in a variety of events. I look forward to our newer members thinking up new fun stuff for us to do and taking the pressure off the “old timers”.

I’ll close with one last ‘official’ reminder: Dues are due January 1, 2018 except for those who joined late in the year (you know who you are).
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy New Year.
Safe travels, Ken Schiess