The Mazda Miata Gets a Carbon Fiber Removable Hardtop by Justin T. Westbrook

Taken from 12/18 Jalopnick News:

The 2019 Mazda Miata was, of course, one of the best cars we drove this year. To
celebrate this illustrious win, Mazda showed off a new carbon fiber removable hardtop
at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.
Just kidding, Mazda doesn’t care about us. But they do care about choices, and by
showing off a removable hardtop for the standard Miata, I’m guessing they’re testing the
waters on how big of an impact a hard top option would have on the sleek Miata RF’s
There’s no clear indication of whether or not the hard top will actually be an option anytime soon,but it was shown off alongside a new sportier appearance package for the new Mazda 3 hatchback, which will likely be an option when it goes on sale. Of course, the hardtop could always just end up an option outside of North America. That would be sad!

I have nothing against the Miata RF, despite one time writing that if you buy it, you should keep the roof up permanently for aesthetic purposes. But I think enough people wouldn’t hate a removable hardtop for the normal convertible, and there’s plenty of people who already bought one that may be interested.

President’s Message – January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday. It’s time to start making those
New Year’s resolutions and thinking about some of the things we hope to accomplish during 2019.

The CFMC wrapped up 2018 with an enjoyable December walk around Greenfield Lake hosted by
Paul and Rebecca Reinmann, followed by a great lunch at the Harp Irish Pub. The CFMC begins the
New Year with our annual meeting and Holiday Party on January 6 at the Circa 1922 Restaurant in
Wilmington. Our thanks go to Leon and Beth Rooks for their work in coordinating our annual
meeting and Holiday party. It will be an evening of fun and fellowship along with a little business
“stuff”. Secretary Tom Pane sent out the agenda and previous meeting minutes by email on
December 18. Please bring those items with you to the meeting on January 6. In addition to the
standard agenda items, we will be selecting a Vice President and Secretary for our Club; two very
important positions. As you will recall, the Club bylaws were revised in 2017 to alternate election
years for President/Treasurer and Vice President/Secretary. Tom Pane is “retiring” after serving
four years as Secretary. In addition to serving and doing an outstanding job as Secretary, Tom and
Nancy, have been involved and committed members of the CFMC for many years, hosting several
events and activities. Rick Judson has served as Vice President for three years. He and Judy have
done an outstanding job in promoting and supporting the CFMC, often behind the scenes. As long-time club members, they have also hosted numerous events and activities. Rick and Judy initiated
our Bitty and Beaus first Saturday socials which have been instrumental in generating interest and
new members for our Club. Through their service Tom, Nancy, Rick and Judy have set excellent
examples of leadership, commitment and dedication that make our club successful. As a result of
their efforts, they have contributed to the fun, friendship and fellowship that are the hallmarks of
the CFMC. So please join me in thanking Tom, Nancy, Rick and Judy for their many years of service,
hard work and devotion to our Club. Service, commitment and dedication by our members are
the attributes that will ensure the CFMC’s continued success for many years to come. As we start
a new year, I am excited about what our CFMC can accomplish in 2019. I hope to see you on
Sunday January 6 so we can start a new year on this journey together. Zoom-Zoom!

Ron Carmichael