British Motor Car Club of Fear – May 5, 2018

Dear CFMC Members

The CFMC is sponsoring the subject car show on May 5, 2018. If you are interested in entering your Miata MX-5, the registration fee prior to March 31st is $25.00. The fee is $30.00 after the 31st.

As host for this event, my goal is to have at least one representative from each generation (NA, NB, NC, and ND) including at least one PRHT and one RF. I have already received two and possibly three commitments. Ron Carmichael plans to enter his NC 2015 25th Anniversary Special Edition and Leon Rooks has offered to enter his NA 1994 M8. The Williamson’s might enter their NB 2001 British Racing Green Special Edition.

John is a co-commissioner of the BMCCF car show and will not be available to enter his car, but Trudy might. If not,I have offered to enter their car on their behalf ☺. Seriously, I have. At any rate, I have attached information and a registration form* for this event. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT IF YOU PLAN ON REGISTERING YOUR MX-5 MIATA THAT YOU ENTER IT UNDER CLASS Z. Also, if wish to enter your MX-5, please copy me on your request so that I have a list of members who are entering their MX-5.

More details will follow including background information from John Williamson on the BMCCF car show. There are also discussions on having a picnic at the show. To start with, the Pane’s have offered to set up their party tent. More to follow.

Tom Pane
CFMC Secretary and CFMC host for the BMCCF Car Show Event

*Note: registration form can also be downloaded off the BMCCF website at