Festival of Lights Christmas Parade

Twas’ twenty-four days before Christmas and not a Miata could be heard… when out on the road top there suddenly appeared 12 tiny Miata’s and Santa too? The twelve Miata’s all lined up in front of our house just waiting to be decorated for the Carolina Beach Festival of Lights Holiday Parade.

The lights and decorations were applied with glee as we prepared for a wonderful festive night. But before all that happened we had to eat. All enjoyed a wonderful buffet, from Thyme Savor Cafe. In addition there were many sweets, pies and cookies that were provided by our Miata guests. After our tummies were filled we departed for the parade in our brightly newly decorated Miata’s.

Off, off we drove, the Pane’s, the Judson’s, and Schiess’, all lined up. Off the Hsu’s, the Harris’s and the Wahl’s then more Miata’s joined including the Reinmann’s, Hagerman’s, and Trogdon’s. And how could we forget Frank Pain and his new co-pilot.

With all of our Miata’s in line lead by your hosts in their green Miata with Rudolf’s red nose.

We went off on our way over the Snow’s Cut bridge, and then right onto Dowe Road, for a long dark journey that ended at the staging area for the parade.

After a long wait for some, the word was given and two by two all the Christmas Miata’s joined the parade and proceeded down the boulevard to the delight of the many spectators lining the streets. Candy was handed out to the many children enjoying the parade. Our car horns were sounding a familiar beep, beep and the crowd, responded with cheer.

When our participation in the parade ended some headed for home while others returned to our home to finish off the sweets and have some hot chocolate or coffee.

A great time was had by all and we wish all our Miata friends a very, very Merry Christmas.

Many thanks to our hosts Ken & Pat Badoian!