CFMC President’s Message – December 2017

Hi All,

November was a great month for the club. We saw the addition of a number of new members and two events, the monthly social at Bitty & Beau’s and the Purple Feet Festival at the Silver Coast Winery (hosted by Bill Bertrand and Jo-Ann Craig) where our own Judy Carmichael won a first prize in the Lucille Ball “Lucy” look-alike contest. Deb Perham came in a close second so CFMC basically swept the contest. Congratulations to our creative members. Thanks to both, their costumes made the day even more fun for all of us. More coverage with pictures later in the Rag Top Tales is assured.

Thanksgiving was a time for all of us to spend with family and friends, remembering those who have served this country to allow us to celebrate this occasion enjoying the abundance of our great land and time to honor those who are not able to be home while they assure us of safety.  We thank them for their sacrifice.

I am looking forward to December. It starts off with the Carolina Beach Christmas Parade. We are hosted by Ken and Patty Badoian. Following that will be the Carolina Opry Christmas Show hosted by Don & Mary Sue Wahl.  I look forward to seeing many of you for one or both of those events.

Christmas will soon be upon us and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The annual General Membership Meeting/Holiday Party will be January 6th details later in Rag Top Tales. This is the most important meeting of the year as it involves the election of officers to lead the club for the next year(s). I hope that all the members will make the effort to attend and plan to be fully involved in the coming year. The Club is great but only because of you, the members. It is your involvement, your support and your willingness to participate. I look forward to next year being even greater than this year was.

I wish you a very happy and safe holiday,

Ken Schiess,