CFMC President’s Message – November 2017

Hi All,
This is the November edition of the Rag Top Tales and my 11th letter this year. I am really pleased to have had the privilege to be your president for the past nearly three years (January 2015). The club has had a good run and a lot of it comes from the efforts of the leadership team that I had the joy to work with.

Ok, so moving along we have had a lot of new members this year to whom I wish a warm welcome. The Club, as I understand the numbers is now at 37 cars, having grown slightly (net 6 members) since December 2014 when we numbered 31 cars. There have been a lot of new faces, but many have sold/traded their Miata’s and some just didn’t find us a good fit. God Bless them all.

Editor’s note: There are now 38 Miata’s in the Club. This is a net gain of 7 members since 2014.

We are today stronger and more vibrant than ever and that is because of the willingness of new members to step up and host events and participate in the events hosted by others. That leads me to comment that the biggest event of the year was this month’s trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Attendance was great with 15 Miata’s represented (Ok, so one SUV stood in for a Miata). I think that is the best attendance we
have had in my memory (someone please correct me if I misspeak). I wish to thank our hosts, Ron & Judy Carmichael, and to the members who took the time to participate in this event. It was a commitment of time (and cash) to attend but, speaking for Gina and myself, well worth it. I’m certain that Ron & Judy appreciated the support. I won’t get into the weeds here because I’m sure that the following pages will be filled with a chronology of the trip and many, many pictures.

I am looking forward to upcoming events which are listed in the Upcoming Events section of this Rag Top Tales and on our website. I am looking forward to seeing you there and, as always, enjoying your company.
Just as a reminder, we need volunteers to fill upcoming vacancies in the leadership team. If you have any interest please contact one of the nominating committee, a list of whom will appear further back in the Rag Top Tales. Elections take place at the next (January 2018) quarterly general membership meeting (and Holiday celebration!!).

As the leaves fall remember to be careful, wet leaves are as slick as ice.

Be well, stay safe, drive carefully,
Ken Schiess